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To avoid including living family members, I’m attaching these family trees from a few generations back. I want to note that these are largely piggy-backed off other peoples’ research, on, and other internet sites. Almost none is confirmed by purchases of certificates etc. Some of it comes from my various family members’ research as well. See the links above for the more in-depth research on the first member in each family branch to reach Australia, and how/why they moved or were sent there. In case you are interested I’m using the discontinued Family Tree Maker 2014 software to produce these reports.

(each of the below is a pdf)

Billett, Norman Neville Wentworth Billett, Norman Neville Wentworth

Falconer, Frances Elener 1989Falconer, Frances Elener

Hyles, Walter Roy 1952Hyles, Walter Roy

Pearson, Oliver Hubert

Reid, James Percy

Smith, Doris Ivy Smith, Doris Ivy

Spence, Jean (Note: see much more info about the Spence family history here)

Venables, Hannah (Note: a good source of family history for the Monaro area is the Monaro Pioneers, free to register and view family trees)

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