I added my profile to the Birding Pal site a few weeks ago, given how much I generally enjoy going birdwatching with others who enjoy it. My first outing was with a friendly lady from Florida, who has been birdwatching for about a year. She was at a similar level to me, so my main assistance was in local knowledge of what is coming through Central Park, and what is commonly seen. She was able to add 3 species to her life list, Ruby-Crowned Kinglets (above), Ruddy Ducks, and Buffleheads (ducks). I was able to add one to my own life list, as I’d read tweets about a White-eyed Vireo in the park, and despite not being able to find it early in the afternoon, an eagle-eyed young birder (I think it was Jordan, @meanteenbirder from twitter but I didn’t actually confirm) re-found it high in a tree, later, when we were hanging around the known area (Maintenance Field in the Ramble). We must have seen about 20 House Sparrow nests under construction, mostly in small holes in knots, busy parents ducking in and out with feathers and so on. We saw a total of around 30 species.