David Duchovny

This afternoon I attended a David Duchovny interview and book-signing for his new novel, “Bucky Fucking Dent.” The event was at the E17th St Barnes & Noble in NYC. It was fun to hear him talk about his writing, and how this, and his previous novel, “Holy Cow,” were adapted from his screenplays which didn’t get made into films, and how he doesn’t actually care for sci-fi in his reading (but to be positive, when asked if he would write “X-Files stories for children,” he said yes!). I loved his dry sense of humour throughout. It was also gorgeous that he had his mother, various other family members, and friends looking on from the front rows. Looking forward to doing it again next week when we go to the 92Y!

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  1. Thanks for those beautiful pictures. I have made a collage here, hope you dont’ mind

    • prue.reid@gmail.com

      No problems, I think I’d only have a question if anyone were making money from them 🙂

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